DEPARTMENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION, RESEARCH, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (DHERST) is the Department Responsible for the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)  so any student queries relating to the program should be directed to DHREST by emailing or by visiting their helpdesk: .

PNGNID will assist with Identifying genuine students through its NID Program, thats where we come in. The HELP program has a basic requirement and that is for the student to be registered and have an NID card which will be used as a primary source of identification.

Therefore, the HELP STUDENT DETAIL FORM – helps us fast track the NID registration for qualifying students by helping us identify who already has his/her NID card, who has pending registration and who needs to get registered. This will help us focus on finishing the pending registration and prioritising the new registrations.

You can view this press statement from DHREST if you need further information on HELP.