Papua New Guinea Civil and Identity Registry (PNGCIR) in its endeavor to streamline its process undertook its Website Project. The Website was launched by National Planning and Monitoring Minister, Hon. Samuel H Basil during the National Planning and Monitoring Departmental Meeting in Lae on Tuesday, 21 January, 2020.

         Attendants at the National Planning and Monitoring Departmental Meeting

The Website will greatly help PNG NID Project in the following way (s):

  • Collection Lists will be published online so citizens who have registered can go online to check if their Birth Certificate or NID card is ready for collection. This will help people save time that they use to front up at the NID office to check for the status of their registration.
  • Collection Enquiry Forms can be used by those who have registered but have not received their Birth Certificates and NID Cards to enquire. PNGCIR staff will use the data to fast track those outstanding registrations so that all existing backlogs will be cleared.
  • Students applying for the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) are required to have NID cards to be eligible for the program thus the Website has a Student Detail Form that students will fill in which will enable PNGCIR to see who needs to get registered urgently. In that way, PNGCIR will quickly process those registrations and also help fast track registration for those who have registered but have not been issued their Birth and NID Card.

All registration forms will be available online for everyone to download making it more accessible and reduces the cost of paper usage.

The Website also has instruction and sample forms that can be followed through for filling of the various forms.
The site also includes a form for general public to provide their feedback or suggestion for PNGCIR to improve its systems and processes.

The Website and all its functionalities can be accessed using phones and any device size and its cross-browser compatible.
Complete Online registration is not possible because Finger Print Collection and Image capture needs to be done IN PERSON. However, PNGCIR is working on having the forms online so that we save some time in the whole process.

PNGCIR has engaged WEBHOST-PNG, a local website development and hosting solutions provider to develop and host it, giving the opportunity to a local SME.

Approved for release by:

Acting Registrar General-PNGCIR