Alotau Civil & Identity Registry Office Burgled, Closes

The Alotau Civil and Identity Registry office is forced to shut down all its operations in the province for an indefinite period.

This is due to a recent incident caused by thugs taking advantage of the current lawlessness and national security threat there.

The Thugs vandalized, broke and entered, and stole two registration mobile kits worth K30, 000 each at the Registry office on Thursday.

The NID registration kits contains a laptop containing sophisticated NID registration software, NID registration data for the people of Milne Bay, high performing digital camera, scanner and other accessories.

As a result, birth and NID registration for the good people of Milne Bay will be affected by this unfortunate situation.

Acting Registrar General, Noel Mobiha, said people involving in lawlessness must bear in mind that their actions will stop government services such as the right to obtain a birth certificate and national identity card to reach the whole province inclusive of their own families.

“Re-opening of the Registry office depends entirely on how fast the current national security threat and lawlessness in Alotau is neutralized,” Mobiha said.

PNG Civil and Identity Registry urges the people of Alotau to assist the police and PNGCIR with information that would help in retaining the State properties and the NID registration data for the people of Milne Bay.